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I bloom when ready



Series: Seedpod Drawings

A tiny pod of seed refuses to be limited by boundaries of any sort—letting itself journey places, survive harsh conditions, carry life within to potentially sprout one day when it feels right—representing a well nurtured dream. It holds power to turn dullest landscape into a vivid and vibrant scenery. It knows resilience yet understands vulnerability when it sprouts. Irrespective of its size, shape or color, it may blossom into a wildflower or a rose or a redwood tree. Such precious little forms—seedpod!

“Winged, fluffed, beaded or barbed, each has a unique beauty — and strategy for dispersal.” - Lynda V. Mapes


Size: W 35.56cm x H 24cm (unframed)

Medium: Pen & Ink with wash on paper