Malamegi Lab19 - Final exhibition - October 2021 - ROME


Lab19 gallery Rome 



Palazzo Ferrini-Cini

Piazza di pietra 28

00186 Roma


The Gallery was born in the real heart of Rome, in the Piazza di Pietra n° 28, just in front of famous ancient Temple of Hadrian, not far from Pantheon, with the aim of giving life, in this splendid location, to a new space dedicated to art and culture.
The project starts from the premise of creating a meeting place, a production and circulation of ideas, with the intent to promote contemporary art in the multiplicity of expressions that are related to it, with particular attention to figurative painting and Italian and international photography.
The Gallery also offers a program of cultural events and thematic workshops aimed at increasing different techniques and artistic expressions.


Lab19 gallery Rome  Lab19 gallery Rome  Lab19 gallery Rome  Lab19 gallery Rome