Malamegi Lab VENICE'24 - Final exhibition

Imagoars | VENICE | ITALY    11-25 May 2024


Lab 27 gallery Venice


Campo del Ghetto Vecchio 1145

Cannaregio, Venezia


Imagoars cultural association was born in 2009 thanks to a group of artists and art enthusiasts promoting events into the sphere of Art with the purpose of showing and promoting high-quality artistic expressions, from painting to sculpture, from installations to performances. Its activity is aimed at enlarging the knowledge of Art and spreading it through its different languages. Art is not seen as the pure reproduction of the physical world nor as the devastation of our shared satisfying aesthetic equilibrium. Instead, by proposing a new approach towards it, Imagoars conceives it as a contribution for the growth of human sensitivity in order to create a better quality of life inside a shared common ground, namely a “common-city”, more opened and tolerating towards diversity.



Imagoars cultural association is glad to introduce its exhibition area in Venice, at Campo del Ghetto Vecchio. The area used to host, under the same roof of the Spanish Synagogue, one of the latest artisan studio devoted to “gilding”. The area is used by our team in order to exhibit and share our passion for Art while is available for anyone interested in sharing and comparing with a new audience their research and production in the Art field. 


Lab 27 gallery Venice  Lab 27 gallery Venice

Lab 27 gallery Venice   Lab 27 gallery Venice

Lab 27 gallery Venice    Lab 27 gallery Venice

Lab 27 gallery Venice