Lab 8 - Winning artists

We are delighted to announce the 3 winning artists of Malamegi Lab 8.

Cash Prize: Matthaeus Kostner - Italy
Monography Prize: Udo Rutschmann - Germany
New collection Prize: Evaldas Bubinas - Lithuania

Lab8 Selected Artists


Download the press release, the catalogue and the invitation of the final exhibition in Rome.

Final Exhibition: Loft Gallery Spazio matEr | ROMA - 16 Sept. - 05 Oct. 2017

Press release




Take a look to the opening evening in Rome

Opening photo gallery



Lab 8 - Selected artists

Natan Pernick - Israel - painting

Lab8 Selected Artists

Egg Tray, oil on canvas, 55x55 cm, 2016



Evaldas Bubinas - Lithuania - painting

Lab8 Selected Artists

Broken Heart, 100x70, Acrylic



Moreno Monti e Matteo Tranchellini - Italy - photography

Lab8 Selected Artists

Nel progetto artistico di Moreno Monti e Matteo Tranchellini a recitare il ruolo di protagoniste sono galli e galline. Galli e Galline come non ne avete mai viste. Un mondo animale pop e iconico, ricco di colori e volumi, sublimato in una dimensione naturale di pura estetica.



Ulla Karttunen - Finland - sculpture

Lab8 Selected Artists

”Donna Criminale”, an ephemeral sculpture from a material regarded as the most banal and worthless, toilet paper. This hanged goddess is a patron saint of those who are thought to be low or marginal, the wrong kind of people, ‘the others’. The work deals with social inequality and censorship in contemporary market-based society...



Matthaeus Kostner - Italy - photography

Lab8 Selected Artists

Installation "20130706_Arles_mkp_083", lightbox 200x150x12cm, stampa diretta su vetro acrilico; Al posto dei spesso lunghi e noiosi slideshow presento tutte le foto di una giornata di viaggio in un'unica immagine. Le trasparenze e il modo di elaborazione permettono di vedere tutto il viaggio in una volta. ...



Udo Rutschmann - Germany - sculpture

Lab8 Selected Artists

"Oscillators " 

Less than half a millimeter in diameter are the spring steel rods the "Oscillators" consist of. Suspended from a metal frame,which forms a seemingly stereo metrical superstructure. At closer glance though the frame reveals itself contorted and unsymmetrical in shape...


Pascal Broze - Belgium - photography

Lab8 Selected Artists

Les nouvelles photographies de Pascal Broze nous évoquent toutes sortes de perceptions incluant le plaisir, la chair, la sensualité aussi bien que la grâce, le sacré, la religion...



Tina Sgrò - Italy - painting

Lab8 Selected Artists

La memoria e il sogno, il freddo registro d’ogni cosa che ne scandisce un inventario cartesiano e l’animazione emozionale, turbata e sentimentale, d’ogni spazio che all’improvviso pare prendere fiato...



Astrid Edlinger - Austria - mix media

Lab8 Selected Artists

Title: »06071943 | numbers« Measurements: 3 panels, 80 cm x 80 cm x 6 cm each Technique: pencil on paper mounted on wooden panel, photograph ...



Alfredo Dante Vallesi - Italy - photography

Lab8 Selected Artists

Alfredo Dante Vallesi - Indivisibili - 2016 - Marche - Italy " Indivisibili sono l'Uomo e la Terra "



Davies Zambotti - Italy - video

Lab8 Selected Artists

It's the images that speak during the silence of the words never spoken. The material of reality. The happends everyday, in front of our closed eyes... 


Lucia Simone - Italy - painting

Lab8 Selected Artists

Uniformi - Forme di Potere, olio su tela, 100 X 100 cm, 2015