Lab Rome’22 edition
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Patrik Ševčík Slovakia Other

Artwork title : DAY OFF V

DAY OFF V., 2022

Silkscreen, 75x100 cm

The DAY OFF series responds to the current complicated and changing situation of the globalized world. The collection can be understood as questioning the moments experienced and creating a new reality with certain elements of threat. At first glance, they contain absurd moments, but these are created by long-term observation of reality phenomena and instinctive selection of elements. The graphics are a reaction to today's civilization, a commercial and commercialized, globalized world and its pitfalls. In cycles, it shows the person (s) in different situations and contexts, which often happen separately. I use elements of manipulation, synthesis with reference to the time of information overpressure, globalized expansion, but also the relativism of life events.