Lab Milan’22 edition
Caroline Dejeneffe United States Photography

Artwork title : Under The Surface

Caroline Dejeneffe’s Under The Surface offers a number of first impressions through its bold composition. An immediate quality is the composition’s generous play with limited color. The minimalist, non-chromatic palette dominates the image with the stark black and white of the figure set against the muted grey background. Likewise, the image enjoys a juxtaposition of geometries with the rectangular format of the image made abundantly clear by the added rectangular form at the centre of the work and through which the image ultimately functions.

Within this formal structure, the figure in Under The Surface represents numerous seemingly binary states but denies a sense of the absolute. There is tension in play with the rectangular ‘window’ uncovering the figure, removing layers to reveal a different figure beneath.

Under The Surface vacillates between notions of mind and body. It suggests the possibility of psychological revelation, of both discovery and denial of deeper senses of identity, and of the vulnerability of being while reveling in sensation, touch and body awareness.