Lab Milan’22 edition
Estefanía Tarud Karl Chile Other

Artwork title : El Intruso

"El Intruso" Embrodery, 65 cm tondo.

I have created a new and unknown style of embroidery where the light is the protagonist and the background turns relevant. I am fascinated with the process and handmade actions. My favorite subject is our domestic world and everyday actions, no matter how simple they are.

Through a simple straight stitch, I embroider on a black gabardine with cotton threads of different colors, respecting the space between stitches and integrating the background as a main element.

In this embroidery, the same image is displayed in the front and in the back. In the front, you can see the control and dedicated stitches, everything it is in the right position to create a realistic story. But, in the back, you can see the process, the backstage of the work, the knots, the leftover threads, the mess. . .  but the same image is just right there.

I am now incorporating the representation of light that surrounds everyday environments to the domesticity of my work. Illumination makes the images become completely different from their shape in regular daylight, as they make the shadow become part of the image. It’s a new and unknown style of handmade embroidery.