Lab ROME’24
Extended deadline: July 24, 2024
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Riziki Chabeda United States Other

Artwork title : The Author

As the first work in my series, Logic v EmotionThe Author sets the tone for the exploration of identity through external and internal influences, namely my father. The entire series acts as a response to the poised question: Is logic more valuable than emotion? Within The Author, the work utilizes contrasting mediums and themes to convey the battle between logic and emotion when evaluating one's perception of a family member. The work portrays a portrait of my father based on a framed picture that hung in my childhood home. However, in the image, the frame around his picture appears to be simultaneously constructing and deconstructing, mirroring the nature of our relationship. This relationship, reflected by the frame, is essential to the inner conflict produced by wanting to build a connection to my Kenyan heritage but distance myself from toxicity. Utilizing the frame as a border emphasizes the idealistic view I have of my father from my youth, which is not contrasted against elements of reality. This inner conflict is also represented through the abstract figure at the bottom of the work, created in acrylic rather than charcoal. This piece also initiates the motif of a figure appearing that represents myself as if I am traveling through my mind.