Lab ROME’24
Extended deadline: July 24, 2024
Last Call!
Dilge Dilsiz Turkey Photography

Artwork title : Wavering Between

“Wavering Between” uses a hauntological approach to depict the liminality of diasporic individuals, in the manner of a ghost, to accentuate the fading of their social and cultural past. With this technique, I aim to create visuals of human geography that metaphorically reflect on diaspora. I believe that these individuals are charged with an enormous burden that calls upon them to sacrifice their individual identities and heritage to satisfy the demands of the new culture that they settle into. Respectively, I investigate troubled power structures that are created by the various pressures placed on oppressed and alienated populations. ​

Wavering Between combines metallic inkjet prints (photographs) and vinyl text (typography) of short poems, that includes a word or a phrase from each subject's native language to depict the unique challenges each liminal entity goes through as they settle into a new culture. These phrases are not translated as words can get lost in translation - just like people.