Artists selections: March 26, 2024
Dmitrii Khramov Russian Federation Installation


Extinguished candles, petrified souls, empty temples...


This installation is a reflection on the structure of a symbol.

We create symbolic structures. That which should be soft and burn, expressing the warmth of the human spirit, is represented as hard and brutal, squeezed by a person in an iron order. Concrete “candles” are parts of the structure of a real building, its floors, created and carved by man. They are connected with iron reinforcement into a rigid structure. We try to bind ourselves with clear, rough connections, in an iron order, afraid of getting lost in this world. By clinging to a rigid structure, we try to keep ourselves in this world.

Reflecting on the structure of a symbol, we compare two structures, we spiritualize the non-living, which also carries traces of life and time.

The entire installation is ambiguous. Either we lose our souls and turn into fossilized structures, or we draw life from them, from their essence. From the direct symbol of frozen candles we move on to experiencing the poetics of traces of life left on the structures of a real building.

L 1.96 m, D 1 m

Metal rods;

16 concrete cylinders cut from floor slabs