Artists selections: March 26, 2024
Lara Vaienti Italy Photography

Artwork title : CUTS

This  dyptic is from a project based on what lines can express with great simplicity and yet with great eloquence. Hair is something that can swing between the inanimate and the animate realm and encloses a great deal of, not only physical information, but reveals of the inside of an individual, besides being charged with  strong symbolism in many cultures.

I used my hair 'nude and crude'  and graphics for most of the project as a vehicle for different potential stories.  It is  pointing at what hair can narrate to each viewer. Psychological or physical abuse is a failed measure of respect towards any human.  Many women have to injustly live denied of their freedom and beauty for lack of respect and much senseless prejudice. Most of the abused ones have to suffer this in silence.