Lab Venice’22 edition
Niki Srinivasa United States Painting

Artwork title : Symphony

Fall always provides a sense of purity: fresh starts and new beginnings. Likewise, the season also brings its iconic vibrant symphony of warm hues. It is not coincidence that many of these warm hues are also extremely important symbolically in India: Red is the color of purity and rebirth and orange of courage and representing a truly significant meaning and presence through the culture. I utilized pastel in this piece to signify the fleetingness and vibrant texture of the fall season, and the hope this time brings as we venture from a difficult time in our history into what promises a new era of balance and innovation. Pastels are also a tangible way to truly interact and integrate the colors I experience of the world in having a condition called synesthesia;  it is through that lens and use of color that allows me to share my perception of the world through this piece, and how these colors of hope and strength often are my true visual experiences. This is my first ever piece in soft pastel, without any prior training or technique knowledge.