Lab Venice’22 edition
Arjun Kamath India Photography

Artwork title : In Los Angeles, the City of Dreams

I made this image of Robert Weiner, a Los Angeles based actor, in his studio apartment in Chula Vista, LA. Often the images that appeal to me the most as a storyteller originate from the simpler, everyday moments of life. Robert sits on the bed, lost in his thoughts, accompanied by his cup of coffee and pet cat on an overcast LA morning. Shot in the city where golden dreams brew, the picture brushes the thought that LA is vibrant, but at the same time, it can also make one feel left out in an instant with its fast-paced life. Resonating with this idea, I envisioned the photograph in black and white, as the frame confirms a personal belief. That in the end, we are all alone in fighting our own battles, one day at a time. This photograph is hence all barebones, visually conveying the philosophy of life through powerful emotions and a simple story, both enhanced by the deprivation of colours. In the viewer, it also enlivens the familiar reality of old age and the challenges it brings. And while old does not mean different, things slow down for sure. Thus, in the picture, the cat leaving the frame contrasts with the evident stillness of the old gentleman. It also metaphorically conveys that he will soon be alone, adding another flavourful layer to the image.