Malamegi LAB20
Alberto Porro Canada Painting

Artwork title : Untitled

I am a multidisciplinary artist that explores abstraction through painting, drawing and sculpture. I depict objects that are neither socially or economically specific, and are not coming from any knowable sights of material cultural production. In its biomorphic qualities, my work evokes living forms and natural shapes, such as plant matter and human body parts, although not engaging in any specific depiction of recognisable subjects.

Through a preliminary freehand drawing phase, I distill everyday life objects, art I've seen, drawings I previously made, and natural forms that caught my attention. This process of distillation allows the forms to become essentialized into floating signifiers, allowing room for multiple and playful interpretations by the audience. Just as floating signifiers, these images function primarily as vehicles for absorbing the meanings which viewers choose to impose on them, rather than emitting their own.

In its pictorial form, my work is aesthetically rooted in the tradition of still life, even if the subject matter I explore sits outside the realm of recognizable symbolic forms. My abstract subjects are conceptually placed in an environment where I control light, composition, background, foreground, as well as every other formal aspect proper of still life image making.