Astrid Vlasman Netherlands Mix Media


We see an abandoned table. The people have disappeared and the remnants of a gathering are still visible; a plate, some fruit and a water bottle. The 100 x 120 cm canvas consists of recycled paper. I have been using this collage form, my so-called "paper paintings" for several years now.

I love the vibrancy of paper; of the function it has had as a vegetable bag, test, envelope, shopping slip or wrapping paper. With this material that I come across every day; I stick my canvases. I cherish the volatility of old paper and appreciate it as an expression: it takes on a new shape because of me. For me, paper in my hands means freedom, an endless space full of possibilities. It's material I experimented with playfully as a toddler.

In the interiors I make you can still see the traces that people have left behind, a glass on the table, a book on the floor. They are out of the picture themselves. They are abandoned spaces. Rooms and kitchens where it looks like someone else was present.

work made in 2020