Brenda P. Rodriguez FernŠndez Mexico Installation

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Tu YO al cubo


9 polyedrics canvases

Mixed media/canvas

4.6 x 2.4 x 2.4 metres



Ripping the wound

            peeling off the body

            am I.

            The memory



Reveal the wound, unveil the print on the body to break the silence. Thus, the fabric is no longer a sign-holder to represent material objects, but rather a mirror image of the multifocal projections of unconscious, the mind and its memories.

Once the cut has been made, the skin is visibly reviled, violent, used up, to the extent that there is nothing left to hide or to protect - the gag has fallen.

And memory becomes a hotchpotch of filleted flesh, hanging from the final pieces of tissue that hold in the void, propped up by its fragility.


Brenda R. Fernández