S Favre Switzerland Mix Media

Material : canvas, medical tapes, paper, staples, bandages etc...

Dimension : variable (120 x 80 cm minimum)

This self-portrait on canvas, between sculpture, installation and performance, is transformable and evolutionary.

It can be installed to reveal different states. It thus becomes a "tableau clinique", according to the medical term in french.

Dissected, stapled, sutured, broken, x-rayed, bandaged, wounded, plastered, pricked, bled, analysed, operated, isolated, medicated, treated, isolated, ointment, tested, vaccinated : The disease has taken shape, my body is medicalised by the medical profession : Clinical case in a clinical environment. The transformation of the painting is possible by touching it, thus subjecting it to the risk of being "wounded/contaminated" by the person who intervenes to reveal its possibilities and thus make it live.