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Noise;nse is a work for recognizing various aspects of reality through changes caused by visual noise. Car engine noise and curtain pattern fluctuations, etc. Our surroundings are full of sensory noise. But, even if it is noise to humans, this noise can be a recognizing factor for technology. Is not there a world of noise that only technology can know?

In this work, I added light direction, distance and color to two cloths, It shows how the pattern of plants is transformed by generating visual noise. There are moire stripes around the cloth, but diffrent patterns occur on the plants sandwiched between the cloths. This is a change in noise caused by unevenness peculiar to plants. The wings of butterflies have fine irregularities, similar to the phenomenon in which light interferes to create the color of the wings. When I first released the work, I thought that the noise was reflected in the plants, but as I continued to investigate, I could see the effects of shadows. The shadow of noise  has not yet revealed the phenomenon.