Lara Vaienti Italy Sculpture

Quaranteened (Les Nouveaux Fleurs du Mal)
Technique: Wood, stalks, sticks, roots treated with fire. Paint, charcoal dust, gesso. Plastic sheets.
Measures of the base is 60cm by 60cm/ Height about 70cm
This sculpture has been created by picking and choosing all its components by hand over the last part of summer 2019. The creation of the piece spanned over different seasons, moods and events resulting in a layered complex accumulation of meanings. Only these days the plastic veils have finally completed the piece giving it its title. Art will interact differently with the public from now on. The dialogue between artist and the public continues but in a more aseptic and hermetic way. The veils are there also to conceal the artist who sometimes prefer to leave her/his emotions a truth to find and interpret. Once the viewers peek carefully under the sheets they may realize there’s a hurt, reactive and artificially controlled nature (but not a ‘Natura Morta’) that is trying to break free and disrupt man’s imposed order. Perhaps this is more than a one metaphor; A mass of brainwashed people acts with false pretenses of bravery only when in a tight orderly group. But soon enough a first one walks off the illusory control and starts the collapse of the system. A ferocious, forceful globalization forgets the individual and make us all infected.