Yande Ren China Video

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Chicken has many meanings in China, but it is well known that China is shaped like a chicken on the map of the world. In our primary school textbooks, it is called "cock", in which I use the image of chicken to represent China. With the development of China's economy, people are getting richer and richer. Many upper classes and rich people are dissatisfied with China's current situation and yearn for Western capital. Life in a socialist country. The chicken in the work carefully covers up two eggs. Eggs also mean wealth. In China, the so-called rich people in our mouths are extremely low-key. Many of them are reluctant to show off their wealth. This phenomenon is called "hating the rich" in Chinese social environment. It also shows people's fears and anxieties under China's current system.


In the video, I pulled the chicken. I acted as a guide. I took the chicken everywhere to show it the appearance of all capitalist countries. This is also my own living environment. I am just a silent leader. Look at the difference imaginary capitalist countries.