Iryna Kuzmina Ukraine Other

This original and extravagant work is made in Modern Macrame weaving technique. It opens for viewers a fantastic and secret world of figures, shadows, shapes, which are an integral part of the world around us. The work is filled with dynamics, directions, roads, tunnels and branches on which the rings of the beginning and the end of life seem to be marked. The artwork is translucent, chilly like water and filled with internal tension because of the straight threads in the background. Perhaps there is some movement in the water, where life originates? Everything in this world is interconnected, harmonious and mysterious, like the feminine and masculine origin, and like the emotions that drive the processes on the Earth. The spirals on shells symbolize movement and change of generations, like a hymn to the immortality of life on the Earth. In this work we can observe the combination of modern dynamic forms with classic weaving patterns. The lace on the left side of the work gives lightness, foam, sophistication and symbolizes the unity and harmony of two opposites. Also, I will be very happy if this work serves as a reminder to people of the fragility and vulnerability of the surrounding us natural world, which we do not fully understand and value.