Ryoji Morimoto Japan Sculpture

This work is inspired by the current condition of society in Japan. It is said that everyone is different and we should admire and respect differences and accept that. So I feel like everyone has to be unique and different in some way to survive in society. On the other hand I also feel like the society requires people who are flexible?not unique and adaptable to the society. Many companies in Japan tend to hire people who don’t have their own ideas or uniqueness. What they want is loyalty and flexibility so they can mould them to fit the company’s rules and work for them without any doubt like a machine. Thus, it is complicated what should people be to fit into society and they have to, in a sense, develop two faces. However, they can’t really show both face at the same time. They have to know what society requires and need to pretend to suit this requirement. Size: height 350mm, width 200mm, length 200mm. Material: fabric, paper clay, driftwood, thread, wire and acrylic paint.